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Whether they are in mood to play or just want some privacy and comfort, our specially designed 2-in-1 Cat Cave can act as a fun peek-a-boo toy or give them somewhere to hide and feel more secure than ever before.

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Why Your Cat Needs a 'Peek-a-boo' Cat Cave 

Better Sleep

Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. That's why a cat bed where they can feel safe and rest easy is absolutely necessary. Better sleep means a happier cat and a happier owner.

Fun 'Peek-a-boo' Toy

Other than sleep, cats require a sufficient amount of mental stimulation and exercise. With 'Peek-a-boo' Cat Cave, your kitty will have a fun peek-a-boo toy where they can play with you or other felines, which will actively engage their hunter ways and keep them occupied while you're busy.

More Than One Cat

Unlike other cat caves or beds which can only serve one pet at most, the "Peek-a-boo" Cat Cave can be a 'purrfect' cat bed for multiple felines all at once. They can either hide inside the cave for cozy feeling and private 'me-time' or rest up top while being fully aware of what's going on around them.

Everything Your Cat Loves

Cats adore tiny spaces. They love hiding and chasing. They love lounging somewhere they can feel safe and protected. And they love hanging out in places with good vantage points.

Specially designed to own many features your feline loves, this Peek-a-boo Cat Cave is a paws-itively cozy cat cave and bed combo! Whatever mood kitty is in, our 'Peek-a-boo' Cat Cave will surely satisfy their interest. 

For some privacy and comfort, they can either get cozy inside or rest up on top. And if they're in the mood to play, you or their fellow feline friends can use it as a fun peek-a-boo toy.

Your Cat Deserves The Best

We understand how important claw maintenance is, that's why this cat cave is made with extremely durable, claw-resistant felt. So go ahead ad let your cat scratch away to their heart's content. 

Anytime you'd like to take the 'Peek-a-boo' Cat Cave with you during long trips with your cat, you can! Or maybe you'd like to clean it and store it away for a bit. Whatever the case may be, just unzip to open it up for easy cleaning or storage. It's that easy! 

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