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Did you know?

Cats love hiding in conceal places because it makes them feel warm, safe and more comfortable than being out in the open. Lack of proper hiding spots results in a lot of behavioral problems and anxiety in your cat.

The Solution

Made of high quality felted materials to provide insulating warmth and deliver great sound absorption to dampen noise, the Peekaboo Cat Cave is guaranteed to help your cat feel safe and comfortable, especially for easily startled pets.

With unique features such as: spacious tunnel, premium felted material and a donut-shaped bed at the top, we make it easy for your cat to relax and feel more secure. Keep them healthy and happy every day of their lives.


Why Peekaboo Cat Cave

There's hundreds of cat cave, tunnel and bed options available in the USA. After months of testing and refining, we are confident we have made the most functional and useful design on the market.

Claw Resistant Felt

After months of testing and refining, we are confident we have made the most functional and useful design on the market.

High-quality Zipper

Super easy to set up with high-quality zipper. Just unzip to open it up for easy cleaning or storage. It's that easy! 

Spacious Tunnel

The entrance is just big enough for any adult cat to fit through and explore the inside. Even the 'chonkiest' cats can play, hide or sleep comfortably in.


Cattasaurus Aficionados Have Spoken

  • A must-have for every cat!

    What I love about the Peekaboo Cat Cave is how multi-functional it is: the inside is a tunnel, there’s a cozy donut hole on top for lounging, AND cats can scratch on the sturdy felted material!

    DAVE Verified Customer

    The perfect experience

    I had just unboxed the cave and my cat being the nosiest little thing was already trying to see what was in the plastic bag. Before I even zipped the 2 pieces together he was already pawwing at it so I just put it down on the floor and you can see for yourself.

    LUCILLE H. Verified Customer

    Perfect for picky kitty

    My cat loves to bask in the sun in the little crevice in the day, and hide in his little hole in the evenings. To top it off, this thing is definitely quality, very sturdy. Well worth the slightly higher price point.

    MIGUEL S. Verified Customer

  • Cats LOVE it!!!

    I have 8 cats of various ages and ALL of them love playing and sleeping in and on this cat cave. It's so much fun to watch them running in and out of it, and playing all over it. It's very entertaining for all of us and I would highly recommend it to any cat owner!

    ANGELA P. Verified Customer

    So much fun for even older cats!

    Both of my older cats love this little "cave." I added some catnip flakes to the back to "entice" them to get into it and VOILA! Instant playtime! I took pictures and published it online and some of my friends wanted to buy one too.

    MARY A. Verified Customer

    They love it!

    Bob and LuLu love their “donut” and when they aren’t playing, they are sleeping - one on top and one inside. Such a joy for all of us!

    FIRZGERAL M. Verified Customer