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TapHeat - Reusable Non-Electric Heat Packs


Aches, pains and chilly hands can accompany the cruising life. But what to do about them?

🛑Traditional heating pads generally aren’t convenient because of the power used (not to mention that it’s hard to move around if you’re plugged in)

🛑Microwavable heat packs aren’t possible if you don’t have a microwave — and even if you do, there’s the power usage

🛑Single-use chemical heat packs aren’t environmentally friendly

🛑Hot water bottles can leak and can be dangerous to fill in anything other than calm conditions

Plus, they’re hard to stick in a pocket to keep your hands warm.

But don't worry, we found you a better solution at Shoprixa: The TapHeat Reusable Non-Electric Heat Packs.

How Does It Work? 

The heat packs start out as a liquid, with a little metal disk inside. The disk is slightly concave, and you “snap” it to bend in the opposite direction to activate the pack. 

It gets up to 130° F. (54° C.) and no hotter, so it can’t burn you. You can sleep on it with no worries.

The larger pads stay hot for one to two hours, depending on the ambient temperature. The hand-warmer-sized packs stay warm for 30 to 45 minutes.

How Do I Reuse It?

Boil water and drop a rag in, then the pack on top of the rag (the rag is there so that the heat pack doesn’t lie right on the hot pan). You can put several packs in together. You’ll see them change back to a liquid.

When it looks like they are fully liquid, with no crystals remaining, carefully remove them and hold up to the light to make sure there are no crystals (if there are, it will re-solidify in a couple of minutes and you’ll have to re-boil).

Set aside and allow to cool. Store until needed again. The heat packs can be reused over and over again.

What Can I Use It For?

The TapHeat Reusable Non-Electric Heat Packs are widely applicable and you can use them anytime at anywhere you want extra heat. For examples:

  • Muscle aches/cramps
  • Cold hands (the handwarmer size is designed to slip into a pocket)
  • Warm up the bed before crawling in on a chilly night
  • Under/around a bowl of rising bread dough on a chilly day
  • Keep potluck dish hot as you’re transporting and serving it
  • Put a towel over it and create a warm bed for your spoiled dog
  • Baby bottle warmer
  • Warm epoxy in cold weather so it will kick; you can warm the container of epoxy or put a sheet of waxed paper over the uncured epoxy and the heat pack on top of that