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RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness

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  • Designed to look like a leaf and filled with soft polyester cotton to provide maximum comfort and warmth to your furry friend.
  • Use super soft and smooth material to care for your pets' skin, giving your pet the perfect place to snooze on with a maximum sense of security.
  • Let your pet sink into a place full of relaxation to sleep, away from fatigue and stress.
  • Easy to clean and easy to storage.
  • Available on both sides. You can choose whichever your pet likes.

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Cattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness Review

Will buy again

I started putting the harness on kitty 1-hour a day inside. She wiggles out of it each day but she is at the small size for the weight limits. This is my 90 year old mother with advanced dementia with a poverty of Speech And language due to the affects. She has lost motivation for moving around the house beyond basic needs. However, this kitty on a leash made a connection that language cannot. Mom focused on a task and was active for hours. No 2 people with dementia are alike, but the quality of life that increased with this harness and leash system is priceless...and so unexpected.

Melany M.
United States
Cattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness Review

Great Option for First-Time Cat-Walker

Firstly, I want to say that at no point is it wise for a cat owner to simply put on a harness and begin walking their cat outside. I took many steps before taking Edwin on walks. I laid the harness by the door so he could smell it. After a few days of that, I began putting on the harness whenever he was near the door or appeared to be thinking about the outside. I did this for about a week, sometimes adding the leash and following him around (but never directing him). I also started to put on his harness and hold him outside for a few seconds so he would REALLY associate the harness with outside. I went from holding him outside for about a minute in the harness every day to setting him on the ground outside for about a minute. It was only THEN that I began taking him on walks, which went SUPREMELY WELL! He even responded really well to guiding with the leash and did not really try to push back or get out of the harness. All in all, very impressed with this buy! Great harness for a first time cat-walker wanting time try it out.

Rosemarie V.
United States
Cattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness Review


We travel with out cat and needed a harness she could not slip out of. We had a harness we loved from another company, but when she grew out of it, they didn't have a larger size to move into. So, we looked for a different company with a harness designed like the previous one we loved. We decided on this one and have been very happy that we did! The cat STEPS INTO this harness, which is a major, major plus for out cat and us! It is EASY to put on, the velcro is large and strong, and the sturdy plastic hook on the back surely makes this harness escape-proof? At least it is for our cat, and she slipped out of lots of harnesses before this one and the previous one we had. I feel very secure having her travel with us or go outside on a run with this harness on. The double hooks on the back are difficult to use with a leash with a small hook, but undoubtedly help to make the harness even MORE secure. VERY happy with our purchase and have ordered a second harness in black so she can go outside and get dirty! HA!

Kaleigh B.
United States
Cattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness Review

“She likes it”

Nice little harness, my kitty is 6mths old and a runt. I trained her with a sock to get her used to having something like a vest (cut out the tie w/cuts for front legs) so she didn’t fight it but she could escape if she really wanted to (personally I don’t know that there is a harness that if they’re really determined they can’t back out of). This one allows her nice range of motion, I’m not sure how long the little belly strap is going to go around her but I can always always sew an extension on there so no biggie great little harness

Shelley C.
United States
Cattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness ReviewCattasaurus RoyalPurr™ Cat Harness Review

Great safe option for walking your pet.

We purchased this for our indoor cat that used to spend afternoons outdoors. We decided after some coyotes were sighted in the neighborhood that he would be indoors only. He missed the outdoors so much that we figured a harness and leash for walks could quell his outdoor cravings (when I say cravings I actually mean full blown crazed madness to the point of darting for the door and smacking right into the steel security door). This harness did just the trick. I will say first measure because if you get it too big the cat or dog can and will slip out by backing out of the harness. Second allow your pet to cruise around the house in just the harness. After they realize they can walk in it around the house then clip the leash and allow more cruising around indoors. Once they are comfortable outdoors you go. We now have 2 harnesses one for each cat and yes it took some time getting used to this. Our cats in the long run enjoy the time walking and we feel safer with this option of walking them.

Lynnette K.
United States