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LickaMat™ Pets Slow Feeder Lick Mat

59 reviews

"Worked perfectly for my fast-eating cats. This may make them slow down and take their time. Extremely easy to clean." Ashley B.

Treat your pets with the #1 rated pet lick mat of the year! The LickaMat™ is the world's best-selling pets' slow feeder lick mat that prevents your cats from eating too much or too fast, which usually leads to indigestion or obesity.

It also helps promote calmness and relieve anxiety as your pets lick their favorite pet-approved healthy snack from the textured surface.

Guaranteed to keep your pets healthy and happy or your money back, no questions asked.


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    Cattasaurus  Review

    Comes with everything you see. The two mats and the spatula which is a nice little inclusion. Makes it easier to get the soft food I feed my cat out of the can and spread it onto the mat well so she gets the full effect. Does seem to reduce her anxiety a bit and even helps her to slow down while she’s eating which is a positive. Both mats that come with the order have durable construction and are relatively easy to clean. Just spray them off. I haven’t tried putting them in the dishwasher as I do not know if they are dishwasher friendly so I just hand wash them to be on the safe side. Beware though. When your faucet hits these mats it throws water everywhere not a flaw in design. That’s just how physics work lol. I wore a bunch of water the first time I washed them. So be prepared for them to spray everywhere. All together though they’re very inexpensive and well made. They work to calm my cat down and I’m pleased with my purchase. If I ever need replacements I would certainly purchase these exact ones again. My cat gets really excited when she sees the lick may come out. She knows it’s dinner time and she is READY!!!!!!

    Ivonne C.
    United States United States
    Cattasaurus  Review

    Not a fan of how this may arrived but it was easy to clean and it certainly slowed my 18 lb cat down. So much so, she took a break in the middle of her feeding and then went back for the rest. She’s never done that in her 5 years of life. I also like that I can use this for my dogs and freeze with peanut butter during the summer months. Will likely purchase 2 more of these in the future!

    Adriana A.
    United States United States

    I initially bought two slow-feed mats in an attempt to keep my cats from inhaling their wet food. The mats have worked nicely to slow the cats down at meal time, and cleaning the mats is easy since I just rinse off any leftover food bits before putting them in the dishwasher. These mats are a godsend.

    Adelle B.
    United States United States

    These are useful for my two kittens that tend to eat their food very quickly. The little squares slows them down considerably. There usually is a bit of food left over that they were able to get at, but not a lot. I find them very easy to clean if you just run them under hot water with the faucet on “spray” mode. Then I use a scrub brush to brush into the crevices and get it totally clean.

    Artie V.
    United States United States

    Love this mat. My new rescue 12lb Chiweenie does not like treats or kongs. I first had the orange soother and now the purple one and have put organic pb, baby food and natural Portland dog food on it. I freeze it and then give him in aft/night to keep him busy if he’s bored. Just make sure to adjust daily food intake if using this for a snack as my guy appears to put weight on easily. Customer image

    Debra H.
    United States United States