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Dr-Chain™ Saw Blades Sharpener

17 reviews

"...After sharpening my saw blade, I used it and it was so sharp that it was the weight of the chainsaw that made the cut! I highly recommend it! This is an amazing tool, a must for any chainsaw owner..."- Tony K.

Don't let blunt blades slow you down! Don't waste time trying to sharpen your chainsaw with the traditional file!

Get the job done faster with the Dr-Chain™ Saw Blades Sharpener. 

Strong motor + Exact angle guide = Fast sharpening. The simple math makes the Dr-Chain™ Saw Blades Sharpener the #1 rated chainsaw sharpener reviving every blade, even the dullest, in minutes without training.



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    Great tool for sharpening chainsaws!

    This tool comes with 3 different sized bits for doing different sized chains. I did not use the guide as I have been sharpening chains for years but I can see where that would be very useful for somebody new to sharpening or who can't hold their hand still to keep the correct angle. I tested the bits out on a chain that found nails in an oak and they brought the cutter teeth back beautifully without taking too much life out of the chain. The only complaints that I have about the system is that it would be nice to be able to plug it into my older truck when out getting firewood if I hit a bullet or something in a long and need to sharpen on the spot-this sharpener is very quick and could turn a 20 minute process of changing out chains into less than 5 minutes of re-sharpening the chain already on the bar. I like that the chain does not have to come off the saw to sharpen and this sharpener does no damage to the bar or saw. It would also be nice if there were maybe some sort of light built in to help see the teeth better when cutting. I moved to a bench under a light at my shop which made it easier to see and did just fine but it would be nice to have that option so that the unit could be portable and used in a pinch. Great tool for sharpening and much cheaper than buying all of this stuff from other companies like Stihl. The box that it comes with has nice foam cut outs to keep everything in order when packing around or traveling. I would highly recommend for anybody that wants ease, convenience, and speed when sharpening!

    Chester S.
    United States

    Much faster than hand sharpening!

    So far it is great! I have hand filed chains on my saws, and this has gotten my chain just as sharp, but in waaay less time. Just be sure to follow the correct angle for the chain, use the right grinder wheel, and "get the gullet". This is EZ for sure! I will post an update after I have put in a few more hours of grinding and cutting. But so far I am impressed.

    Oren B.
    United States

    Worth writing a review

    So I build fences and decks for a living and sometimes we gotta come in and demolish fences and decks. So we just take a chain saw to them. Well from going into the ground with the chain and hitting nails I would mess up the chain and it gets dull. And I've always hand sharpen the saw with a file but never could get it back sharp so I started looking into tools on how to sharpen a chain saw chain. And this little fellow here is the trick. I took a dull chain and I mean a dull chain that wouldn't cut and I wanted to see if this thing could bring the chain back to life. Needless to stay it took me like 5 mins with this thing and that chain cuts like a brand new chain out the pack. So many chains I threw away after sharpen them one time and all that time I could've just got this tool.. oh yeah I order the little grinding blades to. It come with like 5 or 4 but I ordered extra..

    Mel C.
    United States

    This sharpener has good features that make it easy to change grinding bits and the bits provided include long-lived diamond-grit, with more extra bits. Does not run on 12-volt power, but for my purposes, the 110 volt operation is really better. The quality of this tool is totally satisfactory. I used to have a Stihl sharpener, but the sharpening grit needed to be changed, and the chuck got stuck. Stihl does not make junk, but their sharpener is probably outsourced.

    Max D.
    United States

    This works great for sharpening my chainsaw chains. It put a nice sharp edge on the cutters

    Tyron H.
    United States