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Rated 4.9/5 by +1000 Happy Customers

Rated 4.9/5 by +1000 Happy Customers

Champagne Squirt Gun

  • More Fun Less Mess

  • Longer Spraying

  • Start Shooting in Seconds

  • Food-Grade Material

  • Fit Any Bottle On The Market


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More fun, LEss Mess


Have you ever popped a champagne bottle and sprayed it around to celebrate with your friends or family?

It's fun, isn't it? But it doesn't last for very long and is way too messy.

Now, with the Champagne Squirt Gun, we're taking champagne toasting and celebrating toa whole new level.Turn them into weapons! Yes, that's how we celebrate now. 

Take it to every party you participate in, have fun and become the life of the party with ease!

simple setup

How Does it work?

The Champagne Squirt Gun is the world first alcohol-powered squirt gun that uses internal carbonation to propel the alcohol out of the Champagne Squirt Gun's Nozzle, making champagne or other carbonated drink shoot out like a water gun and allowing parties to last longer.

Versatile and Fit Most BoTtles

Of course, all bottle openings cannot be exactly the same size, so there is an adjustment system. If the gun is too small or too large for an opening, adjust the nut at the top of the sealing system so that the seal is tight.

Compact design

Product Specifications

We’ve designed the Champagne Squirt Gun to be as simple as possible. It can be easily put into your pocket, taken out and placed on a wine bottle or champagne bottle at the party, unexpectedly attacking your friends and creating a happy atmosphere.

Quality guaranteed


If, for whatever reason, you decide that Champagne Squirt Gun isn’t right for you, we will refund your purchase within 30 days from the day that you received your order.


If your Champagne Squirt Gun does not work as expected, we will send you a new gun immediately.


To create the ultimate Champagne Squirt Gun, real life user experience played a key role in the development and testing of Champagne Squirt Gun.