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Cattasaurus Indoor Cat Hammock

Cattasaurus Indoor Cat Hammock

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Domestic cats are no different than their wild counterparts. Both love to be stretched out and sleeping soundly atop a high vantage point where they can confidently and securely observe their surroundings.
The Cattasaurus Indoor Cat Hammock is purposefully engineered to mimic a cat's natural lounging environment, giving them the same comfort and confidence they enjoy in the wild, with all the luxuries and safety of being indoors.


A natural lounging environment- Cats love to be elevated and observe their surroundings from up above. This gives them a sense of security and can drastically reduce pet anxiety and increase pet confidence.

Passively stimulate your pet - Other than sleep, cats require a sufficient amount of visual stimulation. With the Cattasaurus™ Hammock, your cat will have a front row view of nature, which will passively engage their hunter ways and keep them occupied while you're busy!

Save space - Thanks to our sleek and minimalist design, the Cattasaurus™ Hammock can help you save space and eliminate clutter by removing large cat furniture. This product is purr-fect for cat owners in condos or apartments or for homes who just need a bit more space.

Protect your walls - Unlike most DIY (do-it-yourself) cat shelves, the Cattasaurus™ Hammock does not damage your walls and is easy to set up thanks to our industrial strength suction cups!

Easy to Clean - Compared to other cat hammocks on the market, if your cat happens to have an accident on the Cattasaurus™ Hammock, our removable nylon-based material is water-resistant and machine washable, so you and your cat will be back in action in no time!


  • Will this support my cat's weight?
  • Unlike other cat hammocks on the market, our indoor cat perch can easily support up to 20kg (or 40lbs) of weight! Most of the time, the Cattasaurus™ Hammock can comfortably support up to 2 cats, but most of the time they do prefer having their own😎
  • How do I set this thing up?
  • The Cattasaurus™ Hammock can be easily installed within minutes! Simply, clean your surface and attach each suction cup to ensure that all air bubbles are removed. For the best results, soak each suction cup in warm water for 5 minutes, pat to dry, and attach it to your wall. Ensure that you wait 10 minutes before introducing your pet to the Cattasaurus™ Hammock for proper longevity.
  • Is this product just for cats?
  • Cats are obsessed with the Cattasaurus™ Hammock but so are small to medium-sized dogs, birds, and even reptiles who enjoy bathing in the sun!
  • Specifications & Materials?
  • Materials: PVC, Nylon, and Stainless Steel/Dimensions (WxLxH): 15.2" x 21.4" x 21.1" (38.6cm x 21.4cm x 53.59cm)/Load: Up to 20kg (40lbs)
  • How long will shipping take?
  • All orders will be processed within 1-3 business days and will require 7-10 days for shipping. However, depending on your location, you can expect to receive your item much sooner!


At Cattasaurus, we know how online shopping can be intimidating at times. This is why we have a 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Scheme where we will do whatever it takes to ensure all of our customers are happy. We offer full refunds/replacements to customers who are unhappy with their purchases (which is very rare).

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