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Royal Perch™ - Duo Set - Save 10%

Royal Perch™ - Duo Set - Save 10%

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Let your cat sleep by your side at night!

If you're tired of your cat sleeping in your face or take over your whole bed every night, this hanging perch is for you.

Made of high quality plywood, our bed is a stable and comfortable option to help you and your pet spend the whole night sleeping together. Allow them to feel safe laying around you without waking you up midnight. 

Purrfect Window Perch

If you've ever walked into your home to find your cat perched on top of the refrigerator, a bookshelf, or another high point in your home and wondered what, exactly, she was doing—you're not alone.

Domesticated cats, like their ancestors, prefer hanging out in high vintage places.

It gives them a better view of their surrounding environment and helps them feel more secure and protected.

The Cattasaurus™ Hanging Perch offers a perfect elevated spot for your kitties to lounge and watch the outdoors. Give your cat a reason to stay indoors by giving them the best of both worlds.

Safe Space

If you're cat owners in condos or flats, or for homes that just need a little extra space, the Cattasaurus Hanging Perch helps you replace large cat furniture and eliminate clutters around the house.

Protect Your Wall

No drilling required, no suction cups. It usually takes only 10 minutes to complete the installation. Our perch can support two average sized cats or 40lbs (20kgs) of weight thanks to its multi-layer wooden plywood frame, high quality hardware.


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