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Cattasaurus™ Lazy Window Perch

Cattasaurus™ Lazy Window Perch

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  • Cats are complex, intelligent creatures that require stimulation and mental activity for a happy and healthy living. However, with our busy lifestyles taking over, it might be hard to always find the time and peace of mind to manually play with them.

    CattaPerch solves these problems by providing a fun environment that also provides mental and physical stimulation for indoor cats - keeping them happy and healthy, while saving you time!

    Easily stimulate your cat

    ✔ Enhances your cat's natural hunting instinct

    ✔ Redirect aggressive or destructive behaviour

    ✔ A sleeker, more portable alternative to cat trees

    ✔ Capable of holding 40lbs/20kg

    Note: There are many knock-off sites that sell low quality items. Should a problem arise with these orders, we cannot assist you. You can't buy this product in stores!

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