Rated 4.9/5 by +1000 Happy Customers

Get Rid Of Rust, Old Paint, Dirt & Grimes In Just Minutes

  Rated 4.9/5 by +1000 Happy Customers

Get Rid Of Rust, Old Paint, Dirt & Grimes in Just minutes

  • Dust-free and harmless to your health

  • Quick result - more effective than dry sandblasting
  • Save money remodeling your vehicles
  • Prevent heat-damage on surfaces

  • Dust-free and harmless to your health

  • Quick result - more effective than dry sandblasting

  • Save money remodeling your vehicles

  • Prevent heat-damage on surfaces


Works better than I expected. I did use it with a commercial pressure washer 3000 PSI and it removed paint and primer down to bare metal within minutes! Absolutely amazing

Evan Geno - Hudson, ME 

Features in

Save time and effort

Strip Off Paint & rust in minutes

Looking for an easy way to remove rust and stains? Then, the Dias Blasting is for you!

The Dias Blasting is the world's most powerful and effective wet sandblaster. Don't waste your precious time trying to remove tough stains, rust, multiple layers of paint, or graffiti by hand! There's no need to resort to harsh chemicals like acids and thinners! Let the Dias Blasting do your hard jobs!

Rated 4.9 by +1000 Happy Customers


Pressure Washer On Steroid!

The Dias Blasting turns any personal pressure washer into a professional power wet sandblaster in seconds!

Engineered to remove rust, stain, old paint or literally anything off the metal surface quickly and effortlessly, The Dias Blasting is truly the last sandblaster you ever need!

Rated 4.9 by +1000 Happy Customers


Protects Your Health & Environment

The old traditional dry sand blasting kit creates a lot of dust, which is dangerous to inhale. If you use a dry sandblaster, it’s extremely important that nobody comes near without a mask, and this is very hard to do if you’re working from home.

Unlike dry sandblasting, our water-based sandblasting kit is mostly dust-free, since the particles of sand fall down together with water droplets. If you want to work on your project in your backyard, The Dias Blasting is the way to go – it’s SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY.

Rated 4.9 by +1000 Happy Customers

Cooling effectS on any surface

No More Heat-Damage

If you’re working with a heat-sensitive surface, such as a piece of plastic or thin metal, you don’t want your panel to get damaged by heat. Whether it’s warping, bending, or discoloration, heat can have irreversible adverse effects on some materials.

As you blast your surface with sand and water from The Dias Blasting, the cool water keeps the temperature under control. When you wet sandblast, your surface will never overheat.

Rated 4.9 by +1000 Happy Customers

Don't Just take our word for it. 

Here's What Others Are Saying About The Dias Blasting™

Remove Rust in minutes Or Get Your Money Back

Who doesn't want to save time and effort when it comes to sandblasting? We're so confident you'll get result that we're offering 30-Day Risk Free Trial.

Try it. Use it to get rid of rust, old paint or tough dirts completely. If you're not in love with The Dias Blasting, we'll give you a full refund for up to 30 days. Not only that, we also guarantee that our product is the highest quality!

Rated 4.9 by +1000 Happy Customers


Question: What is the best medium to use DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit for the best results?

Answer: Play sand is the best media recommendation that you can use with the DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit. You can also use baking soda and dry silica sand.

Question: What is the maximum PSI and maximum flow rate required to use DIAS Wet Sandblasting Kit?

Answer: The DIAS Wet Sandblasting KitPREMIUM Versionis perfect for washer pressure with pressures range from 3000 PSI to 5000 PSI, MIN Flow Rate: 4 GPM and Temperature is up to 140ºF/60ºC

Question: Is wet sand ok?

Answer:We recommend the use of dry sand. The wet sand is easy to stick in the tube and not easy to be sucked up.

Question: Can I just use this as a pressure washer or does it need the sand?

Answer:If you just use it as a washer, just connect the water wand directly to the water gun, no sand is needed. The sand is used to better remove rust and other stains.

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