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9 Reasons Why Cat Owners are Raving About the Peekaboo Cat Cave.

Here’s why responsible pet parents are obsessing this amazing donut-shaped cat cave so much...

05/11/22 | Samatha Reeves

1. It's Cozy And Secure

The Peekaboo cat cave provides a cozy and peaceful sanctuary for your cat, helping them reduce anxiety and stress, leading to improved sleep and relaxation. This is especially beneficial for cats who are easily startled and provides peace of mind for you as a cat owner.

2. It Saves More Space In Your House

Upgrade your cat's hideaway and save valuable space in your home with the Peekaboo Cave. This multi-functional design allows multiple cats to hide, play and sleep together, eliminating the need for multiple single-cat caves and bulky plastic tunnels. Not only will this save you space, but it also provides a stress-free environment for your feline companions.

3. It Saves Your Couch...

The Peekaboo cat cave is the perfect solution for cat owners who want to protect their furniture while also providing their feline companions with a healthy outlet for scratching. Made with durable, 100% scratch-resistant felt, it allows your cats to stretch and shape their claws while reducing stress. This cat cave is a win-win for both you and your cats.

4. It Doesn’t Cost A Fortune!

Why spend a fortune on separate cat loungers, caves, and tunnels when you can have it all in one with the Peekaboo cat cave? Not only is it guaranteed to keep your multiple cats entertained, but it also provides them with a comfortable lounger, cozy cave, and fun play tunnel all in one. Plus, its high-quality construction ensures it will last a lifetime while being a fraction of the cost of buying multiple separate items. It's a cost-effective solution that will save you money and keep your cats happy.

5. It Keeps Your Cats Busy And Engaged In Play

The Peekaboo Cat Cave is the perfect toy for your cats regardless of their age, as it allows them to engage in playful activities that they love. With enough space for two adult cats to play together, you'll get a front row seat to the fun as they play hide and seek, run around, and chase their favorite toys. Not only is it great for their physical health, but it also provides endless entertainment for you as a cat owner. So get ready for a lot of laughter and joy watching your cats having the time of their lives.

6. It's "Purrfect" For Multicat Households

Owning multiple cats not only doubles the cuteness, but it also helps keep them from feeling lonely and bored when you're not at home. The Peekaboo Cat Cave is the perfect solution for multiple feline companions, as it can accommodate more than one cat at a time.

With its unique design, one cat can have a cozy and private hideaway inside the cave while the other can rest on top like a regal throne. This versatile cat bed is perfect for multiple cats, providing them with a comfortable and fun place to rest and play, while keeping them entertained and content when you're away.

7. It Has Different Colors to Fit Your Home

The Peekaboo cat cave is designed to seamlessly blend into your home décor while providing a functional and comfortable space for your furry friends.

Available in 4 colors: Light Gray, Dark Charcoal Gray, Pink and Blue, you can choose the one that best matches your home's aesthetic. With its beautiful design, this cat cave serves as both a functional and stylish addition to your home, providing a comfortable space for your cats while enhancing your home's overall look.

8. It's Spacious, Comfy & Sturdy!

The Peekaboo cat cave is the ultimate solution for cat owners who are tired of flimsy and small cat caves that always collapse into expensive "floor mats". With its unique donut-shaped design, it is the world's first multi-cat cave that guarantees to never collapse, no matter how many cats are inside or on top of it. This innovative design ensures that your cats always have a comfortable and stable place to lounge and play, providing the best cat cave and lounger combo that exists.

Say goodbye to flat and expensive "floor mats" and hello to the Peekaboo cat cave for a long-lasting and sturdy option for your feline friends.

9. It's Got A Great Guarantee

The Cattasaurus team is so confident in its ability to provide your cats with a comfortable and entertaining space that they offer a "Cat Love It Guarantee." If you're not satisfied with the product for any reason, they will give you a 100% refund and will cover the cost of return shipping. With a return rate of less than 1%, it's no wonder they're willing to take on all the risk. This guarantee allows you to try the product with no risk, as even if your cat doesn't take to it, you can return it without any hassle. It's a win-win for you and your cats.

If you've made it to #9, it's clear that you are committed to providing the best for your feline friends.…