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The Best All-In-One Cat Cave For Comfort & Entertainment

Peekaboo cat cave is a super fun, comfortable all in one tunnel bed that is guaranteed to satisfy your cat's nature (or your money back!)

3-in-1 tunnel bed your cats love to play and sleep in.

Sturdy and scratch-resistant cave made to last a lifetime

High-quality material to retain warmth & dampen noises

Spacious tunnel thats fit up to 20lb cats.

All-in-one cat cave even the fussiest can't resist!

Mouthwatering Flavors

Satisfaction Guarantee

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"My cats sleep and play with it all day. Purrfect."

There's no doubt about it: cats love hiding & sleeping in concealed places. Why? Because it makes them feel more safe and secure.

If you constantly see your cat hiding under the bed or in your closet, it's time for you to consider investing in a cat cave. But finding a good cave for your cat isn't always easy..

Most felt cat caves on the market are poorly designed and keep collapsing. It makes you wonder whether you purchased a cat cave or just an expensive floor mat.

What if your fur babies could relax and sleep soundly inside a cozy, secure hideaway cave that never collapses?

No more flimsy cat caves that can't stay open...No more insecure and uncomfortable place to hide or sleep..

...And best of all: If they're in the mood to play, you or their fellow feline friends can use it as a peek-a-boo toy and enjoy endless fun time with each others, keeping them happy and active all day long.

That be pretty awesome right? You want your cat to have the comfy, secure place to sleep and fun place to play without breaking the bank.

We created Peekaboo - the world's most fun and versatile cat cave purposefully designed to ensure the highest comfort and relaxation for your kitties, while keeping them entertained & busy playing with you or other felines.

...So your cats can feel their absolute best living with you, EVERYDAY.

Better Bone Broth for Better Living

Most store-bought bone broth is mass-produced by big food corporations. They're cheaply made, taste bland, and full of processed ingredients.

At Kettle & Fire, we wanted to make a nutritionally dense bone broth that tastes delicious. So we spent nearly a year perfecting our recipe to create an experience that's high-quality, convenient, and tastes amazing!

Step 1

Each recipe is crafted by world-class chefs to deliver the best flavor

Step 2

All our ingredients are carefully sourced and inspected to ensure the highest quality

Step 3

We slow-simmer our bones for 24+ hours at perfect temperatures to maximize nutrition









Why Peekaboo Cave?

There's hundreds of cat cave, tunnel and bed options available in the USA. After months of testing and refining, we are confident we have made the most functional and useful design on the market.

What Our Customers Say

"It's my #1 top comfort food. I love it when I'm sick, I love it when I'm well -- it is such a good source of nutrition for my body and overall well-being!"

Jana R.

Verified Buyer

"It's a no-brainer that I'll drink one every day. Tastes great, makes my gut feel good, and something I look forward to when I come home from work."

Bernice V.

Verified Buyer

"Quick and easy. Cuts down on food prep time when you’re trying to figure out what to eat on the go and don’t have time for “full” meal prep. Love it!"

Paula M.

Verified Buyer

Kettle & Fire

vs. Other Bone Broth

We are obsessed with making the highest quality and most nutrient dense bone broth. We don't cut corners and we don't sell anything less than our quality standard, which is higher than all of our competitors.

Amazing Nutrition

Clean, organic ingredients

Ingredients you can't pronounce

Delicious and savory flavor

Watered-down taste

Crafted by our world-class chef

Optimized for profit, not quality

Made with real bones

Made with spray-dried powders

No hormones or antibiotics

Artifical flavors and emulsifiers

Slow-simmered for maximum nutrition

Minimal nutrient density

Made with your health in mind

We're committed to high-quality standards for every product we make. If a highly educated health fanatic wouldn't eat it, it doesn't belong in our bone broth.

Each ingredient is carefully inspected for quality. All our bones are sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle and organically raised chickens.

‍Nothing artificial, No B.S. Only the good stuff.

Trusted by Cat Experts

"Bone broth is one of my favorite healing foods, known to be beneficial for the gut, joints and skin. I love Kettle & Fire because of their clean ingredients and gut healing properties"

- Dr. Mark Hyman

"Kettle & Fire bone broth is one of my must-have pantry staples. I LOVE that it's a whole food source of collagen and makes for a versatile ingredient in all of my recipes."

- Mellissa Urban, Co-Founder of Whole30

"I drink Kettle & Fire for the collagen. It's so good for your skin and joints. I feel a big difference in my joint health since using bone broth daily. And my hair and skin look great too."

-Felice Herrig, UFC Fighter

Mouthwatering Flavors

At Kettle & Fire, we're all clean-living health nuts, but we also LOVE great tasting food. That's why each product we make has to taste amazing. It's the taste of a cheat meal that satisfies the strictest dietary standards. So you can enjoy again and again.

Beef Bone Broth

Smooth and savory sips, made from grass-fed beef with the slightest hint of herbs. Perfect for staying satiated between meals.

Chicken Bone Broth

A comforting classic made with organic, free-range chicken that soothes with every serving. Easy to heat, easy to sip, easy to feel better fast.

Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth

A warm & flavorful sip with a light & zesty zip! This broth is an irresistible one-two punch for immune function & digestive support.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size - 1 cup

2 servings per container



Total Fat






Total Carbohydrates


Total Protein


Total Sugars


The #1 Choice For Bone Broth

See Why 1.4 million customers trust Kettle & Fire

Amazing Nutrition

"Amazing nutrition that I feel great eating for my optimal health and I am grateful for how convenient it is to use this amazing stuff!"

- Stephanie V.

Top Comfort Food

"It's my #1 top comfort food. I love it when I'm sick, I love it when I'm well -- it is such a good source of nutrition for my body and overall well-being!"

- Jana R.

Fantastic Taste

"LOVE LOVE this chicken bone broth, I drink 6oz. every day and great for sore throat. It has fantastic taste, without a doubt the healthiest I have tried."

- Alyssa K.

Feel the difference or it's free

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That's why your order is secured with our satisfaction guarantee.

If for some reason you don't love our bone broth, we'll happily refund you within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked. You don't even need to return any product back to us. That's how confident we are that you'll love Kettle & Fire!

Hurry, this deal ends soon!

Try Kettle & Fire today so you can...

Easily obtain the daily nutrition you need to thrive

Eliminate cravings that sacrifice your health goals

Enjoy great tasting foods that meet your dietary restrictions

Keeps you on track with your healthy eating habits

Feel the benefits of bone broth without making it yourself

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5x Chicken Bone Broth

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4x Beef Bone Broth

4x Chicken Bone Broth

4x Mushroom Chicken

4x Turmeric Ginger

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Do You Want A Different Flavor?

Maybe you want just beef or want to choose from one of our broth-infused soups. Check our other amazing products that are still available and make your own bundle!



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