5 Reasons Why This Doughnut-Shaped Tunnel Bed  Is On Every Cat Owner's 2023 Wishlist 🎉

Fun. Cozy. Comfy! Here are the big five reasons why cat owners are finally ditching traditional cat beds, single-cat caves and flimsy tunnels, and opting for the world's most fun and versatile tunnel bed called the Peekaboo Cat Cave by Cattasaurus.

1. The Comfiest And Coziest Cat Cave Ever

The Peekaboo cat cave provides a cozy and peaceful sanctuary for your cat, helping them reduce anxiety and stress, leading to improved sleep and relaxation. This is especially beneficial for cats who are easily startled and provides peace of mind for you as a cat owner.

2. Great Entertainment For Both You And Your Cat

Boredom can lead to destructive behavior and health issues for your cat. With enough space for two adult cats to play together, the Peekaboo Cat Cave is the perfect toy for cats of all ages. Not only is it great for your cat's physical health, but it also provides a source of entertainment for you as a cat owner.

3. Saves Valuable Space In Your Home

Unlike traditional single-cat caves and bulky plastic tunnels, the Peekaboo Cave allows multiple cats to hide, play, and sleep together, maximizing space in your home while promoting happiness and reducing stress for your feline companions.

4. It Saves Your Couch

Our scratch resistant felt cave is the ultimate solution for cat owners, it's made with durable materials and scratch-resistant exterior to keep your furniture safe from your cat's claws. Long-lasting and easy to clean, it's the perfect investment for your cat and furniture's safety.

5. Try It 100% Risk Free!

Most pet brands don't allow returns if you aren't 100% satisfied because the caves/beds have been used. At Cattasaurus, we know that our caves are the worlds most versatile, fun, and comfortable cat caves ever made -- so if your cats aren't over the top thrilled with the gifts you buy we will refund all of your money, no questions asked! 

Raved About By +4,000
Cat Parents!

So much fun for even older cats!

"Both of my older cats love this little "cave". I added some catnip flakes to back to "entice" them to get into it and VOILA! Instant playtime! I took pictures and publised it online and some of my friends wanted to buy one too."

Mary A.

They love it!

"Bob and LuLu love their "donut" and when they aren't playing, they are sleeping - one on top and one inside. Such a joy for all of us!"

Firzgeral M.

Highly Recommend!

"I have 8 cats of various ages and ALL of them love playing and sleeping in and on this cat cave. It's so much fun to watch them running in and out of it, and playing all over it. It's very entertaining for all of us and I would highly recommend it to any cat owner!."

Angela P.

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